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Verification checklist process at Totodubai

Verification of any site, let it be either betting on eating and run sites, can be a complex and tricky process. To overcome this problem, has established our guidelines for difficult verification procedures and is conducting verification by making them into a checklist. The checklist that Muktu Dubai's professional verification team checks during the verification process are as follows.

1. Collection of all site-related information- Collects site-related information collected from all search engines including Google. In this process, you will collect all information including past cases. In the case of a site that has had at least one incident related to money in the past, it is judged as a scam site and all site-related information is disclosed to users.

2. Server Location and IP Tracking- The scam sites have in common that they repeatedly create money accidents through a single server. So, checking your site's server location and IP tracking is a good way to check the history of past incidents. Through comparative analysis, sites with a history of past accidents are classified as scam sites.

3. Tracking site security - The most important thing while operating the Toto site is security first and second security. Since we own a lot of customer information, we always have to pay special attention to the aspect of personal information leakage. Also, since huge amounts of money are being operated on, it is necessary to pay close attention to the outflow of funds. Duktu Dubai's professional verification team is reviewing the site's security through mock hacking as well as the site's security situation.

4. Track the operation purpose of the site- Our management team has been experiencing the Toto market for many years, forming numerous human networks. When creating a new site, you can check who the management team is and for what purpose the site was opened. In the case of a site operated for an impure purpose by tracking the purpose of site operation using a human network, to prevent accidents in advance, even if there is no accident history, it is defined as a scam site and shared with members.

With help of the above guidelines and rules, we have evaluated and verified plenty of betting and eating websites based on their offers, their score, and how safe these websites are to the customers. The sites verified by us are completely secure and the best ones to handle.