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What Is Live Video Annotation?

So, what is live video annotation? Can one do live video annotation on a blog post or similar web content? Well, to put it simply, as soon as you save your live stream, it will be live-undetectable by other viewers who haven't saved it yet. Therefore, instead of writing long, descriptive posts with lots of important keywords, you will be better served to save and submit the live stream so that it can immediately become search engine friendly. This is where live video annotation comes in. When your live video streams become search engine friendly, then your text contents that you are using for text links and so on will be live video annotations. You will get a live video annotation service at For instance, if you wrote a blog entry about the new Apple iPhone, then you might save the video stream and use it to create live video links about the article so that any person who happens to find your article while surfing the internet at work will easily be able to read your written text. In other words, instead of writing long descriptive lines about your product, you can simply save and make short yet useful, live video links about the article. This may not sound like much to some people, but this is the main goal of what is called computer vision. Computer vision refers to using computer-generated imagery (CGI) to help improve things like product images and customer feedback. For example, if you saw an amazing live video shot of an incredible crash scene from a jet fighter, you would probably be intrigued. There are many uses for such technology, which is why so many companies are starting to use live video streaming for their internal needs and to help with their customer relations efforts. There are quite a few different live video annotation plugins available for use on WordPress blogs. One such plugin allows a user to create live imagery with a simple click of the mouse button. This plugin allows a user to save a URL or a YouTube video to a WordPress photo album for viewing later. The benefits of using video annotation are pretty clear to me. First, with the recent boom in online video, there is a tremendous need for quick information dissemination. Second, with the ever-evolving nature of technology, there is always room for improvement. Live video annotation offers both of these in spades.