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The Shapeoko 2 is fundamentally the same as a Shapeoko 1 --- just adds some upgrades and improvements. One in-depth examination of this is Adam's upgrading of his machine from v1 to v2: or see or

Unfortunately, the Shapeoko 2 is no longer available. Please see instead, the new Shapeoko 3.

File:Shapeoko Flier outlines folded.png
Shapeoko 2 PDF flier (click the picture to download a PDF version --- 2-sided,letter-sized)

Assembly Video


A list of assembly videos is on this page.

Assembly instructions

Making changes, suggestions, improvements &c. to the assembly instructions available at:


The project itself is hosted on Github.

Kits and parts and accessories are available from Inventables.

The initial announcement of the SO2 blog announcement included a preliminary B.O.M. (bill of materials) --- this has since been updated and is on the wiki: BOM. Initial list of possible features for the second version were at Mark II.

Nice set of photographs on a European site: ShapeOko2 cnc fräs/gravör byggsatsmontering.


While the SO2 incorporates many upgrades from the initial iteration, there are still upgrades to be made. Some of them are documented as columns in tables on the B.O.M.. Official ones here: ShapeOko 2 Upgrades.

The first documented ones are:

Implemented SO2 Upgrades and Notes

Double Makerslide X-Axis

The ShapeOko 2 includes a version of the Double Makerslide X-Axis --- as noted on that page, it is a simplified version and the rails are not connected. This can allow them to twist under load, which has been found to potentially cause difficulties on scaled up machines, esp. when one upgrades the spindle.[2] Unfortunately, there is as-of-yet no consensus as to the best way to fasten the rails together --- there are a number of options which have been discussed on the forums, and it is to be hoped that some elegant solution will be found presently.

Forum Examples


Also now standard are Dual Motors.

The Z-axis is also different. Discussion of this here.

Optional (re)Orientations

  • Y-Axis gantry flip (gain +/- 1-1/2")
  • Another option would be to re-arrange the Z-axis to be like the Shapeoko 1. This would require drilling new holes.[3]
  • Move the wasteboard to the bottom and add a spoilboard in its stead

PDF assembly instructions

In case isn't accessible, here are (low-res) .pdfs automatically created from those pages:

This is a temporary measure until some better arrangement is made for the instructions. These .pdfs have not been up-dated w/ the latest changes and only have the low-resolution web images in them, not the higher-resolution / larger images one can access on by clicking on the non-thumbnail images --- please do not use them unless you have no other recourse.