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The main page has a gallery page which includes a number of nifty features including auto-posting of a project to the Forums: Projects on

If you still wish to post your project to the wiki here, there are templates / instructions for one way to go about this on the forum: Instructions / Template for posting Project on the wiki.

Carbide 3D maintains a page of projects done using their machines at:

The new site has especial support for Carbide Create[1]



Some notable projects (w/ CAD or CAM files) from the Member Projects Forum:

Projects from the Carbide 3D forums:

Projects too cool not to list:


{{#ev:youtube|bxKfqfNHzpo}} [8]


A number of the projects use the ShapeOko:


Inventables also has a section of Easel specific projects that can be opened directly into Easel.


There is also a list of free project plans on the Online resources page: Plans for Projects.