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Note that certain Communication / Control programs and G-Code interpreters have explicit support for pendant functionality.

Carbide3D_create_motion_keyboard_shortcuts.pdf may be useful for folks using Carbide Motion.[1]

At its simplest, a numeric keypad may be used:

One particularly well-done solution is: LCD on GRBL

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(buttons are X, Y, Z, A, step around the outer edge, + and - for the jog wheel, and the central wheel is used for positioning)

Commercial Option

Supporting Shield Designs

Bluetooth module for Arduino to allow cable-free operation:

Software support --- widget to allow use of the Contour ShuttleXpress

Button Settings

Potential Buttons / keys and their meanings and usages

  • Grbl Pins[8]
    • A0 --- Reset/Abort
    • A1 --- Feed Hold (Pause) [9]
    • A2 --- Cycle Start/Resume [10]
    • A3 --- Coolant Enable
  • Grbl Keys[11]
    • ~ (cycle start)
    • ! (feed hold)
    • ? (current status)
    • ctrl-x (reset Grbl)
  • Commands which are needed
    • Connect machine
      • Reset connection (how does this compare to the physical reset button on the board?) --- same as ctrl-X above?
      • select COM port
    • begin homing (H)
    • Jogging
      • X
        • left (<- left arrow)
        • right (-> right arrow)
      • Y
        • forward (away from front) (^ up arrow)
        • back (toward operator) (v down arrow)
      • Z
        • up (page up)
        • down (page down)
      • jogging increment
        • Increase (+)
        • Decrease (-)
    • File Operations
      • load file
      • begin sending file
    • Workspace Coordinate Systems --- select currently used system
    • Logging --- access the machine logs / status
    • Manual interaction --- text box to type and send commands

If a machine has a web pendant option, then there should be an easy way to display the current IP address, or get a link to the tablet or other machine being used as a pendant --- generate a QR code? Have a hyperlink which will work on the current machine (if it would be desirable to use the web pendant rather than the current interface)

  • Digital Read Out (DRO) --- live up-dating position of machine

Example Layouts

Shapeoko 3

Re: SO3 Control Box

Inputs to control box - Spindle enable - PWM - Common Ground

Outputs from the control box to Carbide 3D Board - E-stop - Feed Hold - Reset - Z-Probe

Use of a numeric keypad: Simple wireless remote control for Carbide Motion and Wireless remote jog control for $18 - 1 minute install

Keyboard Macros

Pendants of various sorts may be made more useful by reprogramming the keyboard:

Tablet/Phone interfaces

Touch OSC [15]

Commercial [16]

See also