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MeshCAM is bundled with the Nomad 883 by Carbide 3D.

Imports STL and DXFs, can extrude R12 DXFs into a 3D part. Will also convert pixel images into 3D shapes. 15 day demo available. How to write gcode to surface wasteboard? Supported on Mac OS X:




Video [1]


v7 can be configured to work with a Carbide 3D license for use with a Nomad.

"If you’ve loaded a .egc file (this is the encrypted gcode file from MeshCAM v7 using the Carbide 3D Nomad license), you can access the plain text version of the file by clicking the file path link at the top of the run window."


  • 40% of tool diameter standard stepover for roughing, 15% for fine[3]
  • Pencil cleanup feedrate 2x finish feedrate or less[4]

Overview of terminology: (written by Robert Grzesek, author of MeshCAM, it is excellent as an overview of terminology)



Script / text file for adding tools:

  1. 501 and 502:

TPS files

Format is a Lua table?

Bug Reports

Copy-paste with G-wizard broken.[17]