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Interactive, or conversational G-Code Generators allow one to fill out a descriptive dialog which informs a program on how to generate the G-Code to perform a given task.

List of generators

Type Name/Link Description
Python graphical front-end Collection of Python scripts[1] Python scripts w/ graphical front ends to: drill grill arrays, engrave bezels or text, cut pockets, &c.
Python graphical front-end CNC Online (Hugomatic) Useful interactive G-Code routines. Based on Hugomatic generator Python library
TCL/TK graphical front-end CP1 Conversational front-end to generate G-Code for: rectangular and circular pocket milling, bolt circles, hexagonal and rectangular arrays of holes, and bezels.
Drill holes (Python) gDrill Python script that takes a series of (x,y) coordinates from a text file and converts them into a G-Code tool path that drills a hole at each of the given coordinate locations.[2]
Interactive G-code generators Perl script by twforeman Perl script to generate an array of holes
Interactive G-code generators Python program and CNC library by AnthonyB Capabilities include: drill holes, mill lines, rectangles with inside and outside profiles, filled rectangles (pockets?) and dogbones (I think that's the term - so you can insert rectangles without having to worry about rounded corners). Announced in Re: What are people using for CAD / CAM design work?
Interactive G-code generators (online) Intuwiz Software Free online G-code generators for milling, drilling and engraving.
Interactive G-code generators Programs to write G-Code (RS-274D) Utility programs to create optimal, yet general, G-Code toolpaths for commonly used machining operations.
Interactive G-code generators Bolt Circle G-Code Generator Javascript G-Code Generator.
Online G-code generator Text to CNC Generates G-code online for text engravings. Free, no registration required.

Note that G-Wizard has added support for a number of operations: --- Cross-platform G-Code extrusion command generator for well-plates and petri dishes

c.f., [3] --- gcode generator written in python

List of Tasks

These are links for specific tasks from the above sites (Intuwiz has been added, other sites need to be checked and have specific links added). Where possible, the first link is an online site to directly accomplish the task in question.