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These are the instructions for the SO1 and are here for historical reasons only.

If you are building an SO2, please see the instructions at http://docs.shapeoko.com/


Due to minor design modifications, each batch from Inventables varies slightly from the last. If you have purchased a complete or premium kit, you will be able to view the information specific to your build in one of the links at Assembly step 14. If you are assembling components you have sourced yourself, see Further Details below.


The "standard" configuration of ShapeOko consists of

Arduino microcontroller Arduino stepper shield 3 Stepper drivers Power supply
150px 150px 100px 150px
processor / control board mounts the stepper drivers which control the motors provide appropriate power / signals to the motors provides 24v of DC power, transforming it from whatever AC power your locale uses

Further Details

These are covered in detail on the Electronics page, along with some possible alternatives on the Advanced Electronics page.

In addition there are:

  • E-stop (emergency stop --- optional, though highly recommended as a safety feature)
  • stepper motors
  • wire and connectors --- see Additional / Commodity Items on the Purchasing page

Inventables Kits

Current kits from Inventables include some additional parts:

Power supply barrel connector and wiring E-Stop Terminal Block
168px 150px 168px
pre-stripped shown fully wired

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